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Single Phase & Three Phase Circuit Protection & more. 
Live Electrical believes in high product quality while offering competitive prices. We supply a wide range of products and swift, reliable delivery 
All Live products are certified to UK standards and meet the current wiring regulations 


The Evec EV Charger VEC01 emerges as a practical solution in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging. 
In the current landscape of electric vehicle (EV) technology, the need for efficient and reliable home charging solutions has become increasingly significant. 
The Evec VEC01 charger emerges as a promising option for EV owners, offering the convenience of both Type 1 and Type 2 connectors, suitable for the full spectrum of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 
This untethered, single-phase unit is lauded for its balance between affordability and functionality, addressing the growing demand for cost-effective home charging infrastructure without compromising on performance or safety. 
At the core of the VEC01's appeal is its user-friendly design that caters to ease of installation and operation, paired with smart charging capabilities — a critical factor as the market gravitates towards intelligent energy management. 
The unit's adaptability is further emphasised by its compatibility with a range of vehicles, underpinning the shift to greener transportation by ensuring that users can leverage the benefits of home charging. Engaging with this type of charging solution not only offers advantages in terms of cost compared to public charging stations, but also gives more control over the charging process, ultimately contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. 
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Securi-Flex® is a leading manufacturing partner and distributor of specialist cables and accessories, dedicated to the electrical and security wholesale market. We have developed exclusive relationships with our preferred manufacturing partners and are industry renowned for our focus on product quality, depth of range and service. 
Our customers are at the core of our business and values, and our vast range of specialist cables and accessories support a range of industries and applications. This has accelerated the growth and popularity of the Securi-Flex® brands, which carry a 25-year warranty across the range. 
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Commercial LED Lighting and Industrial LED Lighting 
Today, VORTICE is a multinational group operating through its own subsidiaries or through local dealers in more than 90 countries around the world, in the sectors of residential, commercial and industrial ventilation and air handling generally. 
Around 300 people are employed in the various companies of the Group, operating on three continents: Europe, Asia and South America. 
The historic headquarters of VORTICE SpA is located in Tribiano (Milan) where some 160 people are employed: branches include VORTICE UK Ltd (opened in 1977 and based in Burton upon Trent) and Loran (acquired in 2010 and based in Isola della Scala, near Verona) where the Group concentrates its know-how in the field of industrial air treatment. 
VORTICE Ventilation Systems is based at Changzhou in China (set up in 2012). It is dedicated tot he design, production and marketing of specific products for the chinese market. 
VORTICE Latam is based at San Josè in Costa Rica: set up in 2012 as a commercial enterprise tasked with overseeing the growth of the South American market, and that of Latin America in particular. 
In addition, VORTICE maintains a worldwide presence through more than 100 business partners making up a penetrative and professional network. 
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Debox, Rotary Isolators, Enclosures, Weatherproof Connectors & much more. 
With over 30 years trading, Hylec-APL have been providing quality products into OEM, Wholesalers & Distributors. 
Hylec is the home of the Debox range of inline junction boxes and offer a huge product range. 
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Mark Lighting 

UK based manufacturer and distributor of LED Lamps and Luminaires with over 100 stockists nationwide. We supply both national wholesalers and small independent electrical wholesalers in the UK and Europe.  
We believe that only quality products can go a long way. To keep up with today’s rapidly changing technological environment our dedicated team is constantly looking for quality innovative products to add to our ever-increasing range.  
Our customer service is our pride. We will do whatever it takes to get the orders complete and delivered on time. We enjoy what we do and we stand behind our quality and products.  
Join us and you will get great supplier, quality products and a long-lasting business partner. 
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Connectors & Hand Tools 
IDEAL has served the international markets through selected representatives and distributors since the 1960’s but the first company owned international location outside North America was opened in Warrington, United Kingdom in 1992. 
Whether it's connectors, hand tools, test & measurement equipment or installation supplies, in every product we make, and in everything we do, we are The Electrician's Champion™. 

GH Lucas 

Established in 1934, G H Lucas & Co Ltd has built a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of cable glands and electrical installation equipment to the UK wholesale trade, both as a re-seller of its own range of quality products and also as a distributor for many major manufacturers. With extensive stock holdings and distribution at our new depot in Telford the company is ideally placed to meet all requirements for electrical installation equipment. 
Thanks to a new generation of management, over the past decade, GH Lucas & Co Ltd has evolved to become a leading organisation for manufacturers of innovative electrical products to enter the UK market. 
When combining our expertise in branding, marketing, sales and distribution with the latest technology and over 80 years of industry knowledge, G.H. Lucas has quickly become one of the most creative, adaptable, forward thinking and innovative companies within the electrical industry. 
Distributor for Qbrick System, Raytech & Link2home 
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